Knowledge in Programming

Python Basics

The below attatched pdf has all the information relevant about pythons .The attatchment includes contents such as ITS VARIOUS FUNCTIONS, TULIPS, DICTIONARIES,ERRORS AND EXCEPTIONS, OS PATHS, OPERATORS, STRINGS ETC.

Data Structures Part-1

Data Structures are the most important part of any software development. Structurizing the data into certain forms can help you optimise your code and increase the performance of your process. These structures ease off your programming burden by their simple operations and optimised results.

what is the best coding practice?

Guidlines on how to do coding in more efficient mannner. video- and


Explain the WEB DEVELOPMENT QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS in this knowledge. Find videos for this knowledge, Click on these link -                                                             


Sharing notes on UML Tool Tutorial for best guidance and support. Topics include ULM diagram, class diagram, the relationship between class diagram, Activities Diagram, State Machine Diagram, Sequence Diagram, etc. Explanation of every diagram is given in detail. refer notes for examination and reference purpose. Find the related videos on this link -

Exception and Event handling

Basic concept of exception handling, user defined exception handling. video-

HTML5 for beginners

Learn Basics of HTML5 for beginners via the documents attatched below. The contents in PPT's are Differences Between HTML4 and HTML5, Browser Support for HTML5, HTML5 Document, HTML5 New Elements, New Semantic/Structural Elements, Removed Elements, etc. video-


The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the chapter- PHP and subject- Computer science, programming. The content in the documents below comprises of topics such as Brief History of PHP, PHP code, advantages of PHP, etc. If you need the videos related to PHP, Click on this link -


Sharing the notes of the topic Open Source. Useful for students of computer science, studying programming as a subject. In this document you can find everything about Open Source. The topics included are OPEN SOURCE VS. CLOSED SOURCE, CRITERIA FOR OPEN SOURCE, HISTORY OF OPEN SOURCE, etc. If you need the videos related to Open Source, Click on this link -


Students studying JAVA can refer to the below attatched pdf for reference purpose. The complete pdf contains question and answers for interview purpose including topics such as the history and evaluation of jawa, the overview of jawa,Data Types, Variables, and Arrays, String Handling, event handling, etc