Knowledge in Programming

learn SCALA in 21 days

want to learn scala in mimimum time, crash course for learning.

SCALA explained tutorials

tutorials for SCALA

Raspberry pi tutorials

learn everything about raspberry pi,

KOTLIN by gouline

learn kotlin-the pragmatic language for android, from the creator himself. #kotlin#android

all about KOTLIN

Cheat sheet available from java to kotlin enroute to android. Get all the help to understand kotlin in a better way. Best for students of computer science, programming. It includes topics such as outline of kotlin, Motivation, Feature list, Basic constructs walk-through, Function types and literals, etc.

UNIX for beginners and beyond

learn about open source operating system. #unix#linux#kernel#shell#opensource#os

a to z of LINUX

want to excel in LINUX, here is the help that would do so. #linux#opensourceos#unix

PERL language

from basic tutorials to complicated projects.. learn abc of PERL. #perl#programming#coding

RUBY programming language

complete book for RUBY

RUBY socket programming

socket programming in ruby.

Basics of RUBY programming

basic concepts of ruby programming plus a book to understand deeply about the language. -ruby on rails -tutorials


learn HTML and HTML5, excel in these programminmg languages. #html#html5#css#tags#basics