Knowledge in Class XII

GDP Knowledge Ppt Financial

GDP is india growth development which need to grow up with so many fundamental ideas it requires a amoung whole company to understand inside theory which start the growth

Cbse Maths Board Exam Paper

Cbse is based on questions which will help to improve good marks on their test this will ask same question again it self so be prepared for good scoring

Maths Previous Year Paper

this well and good maths cbse year paper this question is repeated again Thier based on these types of questions answered is short and solve each and every problem based on different methods

Imp.topics to crack jee

Physics important topics to crack jee mains easily and got opportunities of take admission on Indias top NIT's..........thanks you😊

Imp.topics of maths

Important topics of maths to crack jee mains easily and got opportunities to take admission on Indias top NIT's.....thanks you😊

Principles of inheritance part 1

From chapter - Principles of inheritance and variation class 12 biology File consist of diagrams and differentiation from the chapter - punnett square , test cross, mendal's law of inheritance , incomplete dominance , codominance , chromosomal theory of inheritance , linkage and recombination , genetic basis of blood groups in human population, ploygenic inheritance , pleiotropy , pedigree analysis , genetic disorders , chromosomal disorder , mendelian disorders , male heterogamety , female heterogamety