Knowledge in Class XII

Manufacturing Industries

Notes for chapter 8 - Manufacturing Industries for class 12th.

Minerals and Energy Resources.

Notes for chapter 7 Minerals and Energy Resources for class 12th.

Jee physics Questions

the pdf contain mcq's for the aspirants preparing for jee mains

Electromagnetic Waves class 12 physics notes

the pdf contains notes of electromagnetic waves for class 12 physics

Surface Chemistry Notes

the pdf contain notes for surface chemistry

Reproductive Health ( Neet Notes)

the pdf contain notes for reproduction

Electrostatic Notes (class 12 physics)

the pdf contain notes for electrostatics

S - block elements ( chemistry )

the pdf contain notes for s block elements

Challenges to democracy. Class 10 notes

Class 10 notes on Challenges to Democracy.

Map Work for class 10th.

Class 10th map work.

Lifeline of National Economy Class 10 notes

Notes of Lifelines of National Economy class 10.