Knowledge in Class XII

ENGLISH of Class 12th

Upload the notes of English of class 12th of Delhi Government School. It includes all chapter and grammar which helps you all during exams. These are hand-written notes.

HINDI of Class 12th(ARTS)

These are the notes of Hindi of class 12th of Arts stream. These notes are hand-written include complete syllabus.

History of Class 12th

In these notes you can find the whole syllabus of History of Arts Stream which is hand-written and in hindi language.

Home Science of Class 12th(ARTS)

Upload the hand-written notes of Home Science in Hindi language of Class 12th Arts Stream. These notes are of Delhi Government Schools.

Political Science of Class 12th(Arts)

Upload the notes of Political Science which is hand-written notes in hindi language of Delhi Government School.

UNIT-1 python

unit-1 of python for class 12th students, topics included are review of python, concept of oops in python,classes in python and inheritance.

UNIT-2 python

chapters included in this clip are linear list manipulation,stacks and queues in list,data file handling and exception handling and generator function.

UNIT-3 python

topics included in this clip are Database concepts and SQL.