NCERT Class 7th Maths

find the whole book of ncert maths for class 7th students (english medium)

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Finished your 10th standard exams?  Not sure if you should go for Science or Commerce? Let’s find out. Choosing your stream could be a pretty difficult choice and all your Permutations and Combinations (which you might’ve thought of) may not work now. Science and Commerce are the most common choices for students at this time. But, only your passion should be the driving force in this crucial decision, be it your marks, or even your parents’ likings, nothing should come in the way between your goal and your passion. There can be various factors which may help you choose the better stream for you. Commerce is basically related to a study of trade/business related activities such as exchange of services from producer to consumer. The perks of being on this side of the spectrum will be that no matter which sector you choose to work in, a sound understanding of Commerce subjects will invariably be required and appreciated. Be it the recession or not, people with commerce will always stay in demand which isn’t really the case with people of engineering background. Science deals with intellectual and practical activity and having an understanding of activities with an observational and experimental approach towards them. If you are from this stream, you’ll always have the benefit of inventing and discovering new stuff for the good of the whole society while no other stream will have such an opportunity. Also, students from the science section, after +2 can get straight into professional lines like engineering or medicine which isn’t the case for commerce guys, as they have to start their professional journey by registering for a Chartered Accountancy foundation course. Having all these points in mind, it should be realized that they should not be compared with each other as both of them have their own unique importance in the real world. Summing it up, I’d say that, the one you love should be your choice as a career. Your future doesn't depend on what you choose between Science and Commerce but on what you love and how much effort you put in it. Always remember Do What You Love, Love What You Do. So, make sure that whatever you do, put all your heart and soul in it and there’ll be no other result than success. Best of Luck!
Sharing the notes of Fractions and Decimals of Maths. Watch related videos on this link -
Sharing the notes of Data Handling of maths. Watch the related video on this link -
Sharing the notes of Simple Equations of maths. Watch the related videos on these links -
Class 10 X Mathematics NCERT TEXTBOOK,SOLUTIONS EXAM PAPERS, RD SHARMA SOLUTIONS in PDF and PPT. The attachment contains content such as LINEAR EQUATIONS IN TWO VARIABLES, COORDINATE GEOMETRY, NUMBER SYSTEMS, POLYNOMIALS, etc. Each chapter in explained with suitable examples. Free Videos Available at:
Chapterwise explanation of FIT CS(computer science) Cbse provided in the attachments below. The notes can be referred by students of class 10 for examination preparation. Also, available questions and answers for reference purpose. CBSE Class 10 Foundation of Information Technology
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