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From innovative, I would refer to some practises which are currently not enacted in school curriculum, but is already practised in other places.

Surprise tests:

The fear of exam is the most compelling reason behind taking the books out of those shelves. When students are introduced to surprise tests, this will be difficult since students would have to study everyday. A regular everyday study of atleast an hour is more productive than mugging up on the day before the exam.

Compulsory extracurriculars:

This is a rule in some schools while most of the remaining ones are yet to adopt the system. Chess clubs, quiz clubs, astronomy clubs, spellbee club, nature clubs, the list goes on.

Not just clubs, students may also opt for sports. Basketball, football, hockey, badminton, cricket. Being in either a club or in any sports team should be mandatory.

Subject Projects/ Essays:

Projects in primary schools would mostly involve small thermocol models or it would involve us to write long essays. Instead of a single topic, students should be asked for a write up of all the chapters in the particular subject. Moreover, it would be better if the students are restricted to only the school library and computer lab for project work. With a fixed time and the school resources at disposal, it would be fair and equal for everyone.

Cross teaching:

This is a very interesting activity. A student is selected and asked to read a short story. Lets call it A. A second boy is asked to read short story B. Now they are made to sit facing each other. They have to explain their story to the other person within a given time. After this, the supervising teacher will ask them questions from the story they heard. Meaning Boy 1 will have to know story B perfectly and Boy 2 must know story A perfectly. This greatly improves teaching skills, listening skills understanding and quick learning.


This is really important. Psychometry tests and a routine evaluation of students is always helpful. Parents should be notified if there is anything that troubles the kids.

Having said these, its not an easy task. Approval of parents as well as teachers play an important role. The end point is that the educational system should bring out the potential in a child, and not restrict his imagination.

May have missed a lot of points, but these seemed to be the most innovative ones. Will update if I get more ideas!

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