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Class 11 Physics, Vector(Chapter-2) Kinematics

It covers understanding different types of physical quantities, Difference between scalar quantities and vector quantities Representation of vector, Vector addition & subtraction, scalar product (dot product) and vector product (cross product), Vector resolution in the plane, Finding relative velocity using vectors.

Complex numbers and quadratic equations

all about complex numbers and quadratic equations explained in detail.

Motion In A Straight Line: Class 11 Physics(in Hindi)

Watch Full Free Video Course : It covers understanding 'Motion ', One-Dimensional motion or 1-d motion, solving problems of one-dimensional motion.

Circulatory system

find out about the blood count, diseases related to circulatory system.

Digestive system

How food is digested,, step by step explanation.

Human excretory system

Learn about the excretory system in human body.

Neural control system

topics- 1.    Human Neural System 2.    Neuron 3.    Generation  Conduction and Transmission of Impulse 4.    Central Nervous System 5.    Reflex Action and Reflex Arc

Respiratory system

How the respiratory system functions..