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Cloud Computing RCIS tutorial

Here I upload Cloud Computing notes. Hope you enjoy it. #CloudComputing#ComputerNetworks

Voice over IP overview

Hi Everyone. Today I upload "Voice over IP overview" book. It will help you studying VOIP. #VOIP#ComputerNetworks

Broadband and TCP/IP fundamentals

Hello friends, This time I upload the Book "Broadband and TCP/IP fundamentals" for TCP/IP which is a part of Computer Networks. #TCP/IP#ComputerNetworks

WIMAX New Developments

Hello Friends, Today I upload the chapters of Book "WIMAX New Developments". Hope you can enjoy it. Best of luck. #WIMAX#ComputerNetworks

Computer Network Architectures and Multimedia

Here, I upload the notes of Network Programming which is a part of computer networks. Hope it will help you. #ComputerNetwork#NetworkProgramming


Here, I upload about WIMAX. Hope you can find what u need. #WIMAX#ComputerNetworks

The Basics of WirelessCommunication(Wireless Netw)

Here, I upload the Book "The Basics of WirelessCommunication" of Wireless Networking. #WirelessNetworking#ComputerNetworks

Wireless Ad Hoc Networks(Wireless Networking)

Hello friends, I upload the book "Wireless Ad Hoc Networks" of Wireless Networking which is a part of Computer Networks. #ComputerNetworks#WirelessAdHocNetworks

Internetworking Programming(Internet and Web)

Hello friends, This time I upload the book "Internetworking Programming" of Internet and Web which is a part of Computer Networks. #ComputerNetworks#InternetAndWeb

Traffic Management-- An Engineering Approach to CN

Here, I upload another book for Networking Management. Hope you enjoy while studying it. #ComputerNetworks#NetworkingManagement

Managing and securing computer networks(NetManage)

Here, I upload Networking Management Book which name is Managing and securing computer networks.In which you have all chapters.So enjoy your study. #ComputerNetworks#NetworkingManagement

IP University- 8th Sem Notes

Soft Computing (SC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) notes available below via attatchments. The documents include content such as application of AI, problem solving, UCS, operation of classical approach, fuzzy sets, fuzzy operations, classical relation and fuzzy relation, etc.