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Haryana board class 10th previous question papers 2018

Haryana board class 10th previous question papers 2018 This fill contains all four sets of the following subjects- English, Hindi, Math, Science, Social Science, Music

Complete Science of Class 10th

Upload the government school notes of Science with some class tests. 

HINDI of Class 12th(ARTS)

These are the notes of Hindi of class 12th of Arts stream. These notes are hand-written include complete syllabus.

Computer Graphics C version by Hearn and Baker

Available below is the book 'Computer graphics c version' by Hearn and Baker in a pdf format. Useful for students of computer science.Topics included are useful for preparation of examinations and competetive exams.

Amity ASET matlab practical file

The attatchments contains content of the lab file of the subject computer science. Practical file of ASET matlab available for Amity students. It is the updated version of the basic simulation lab manual. Students may refer to create lab files. #Amity

General Science(HINDI)

It contains notes about the general topics of Economics ,History ,Science ,Geography for preparation of government exams like SSC CGL and Bank PO. The language of these notes is hindi for better understanding and learning.

DSL English

Notes available for learning english for competetive examinations. Handwritten notes available in english as well as hindi for better understanding. The content includes topic such as object, verb, complement, subject, clause, tense, person, causative verb, etc

LET US C book by Yashwant Kanetkar pdf 5th edition

Available below is the book 'LET US C' fifth edition by Yashavant P. Kanetkar. Topics in the book include The Loop Control Structure, The Case Control Structure, Functions & Pointers, Data Types Revisited, The C Preprocessor, Puppetting On Strings, etc.

ASET #ES201 Basic Electronics Engineering End term

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course electronics. The content in the documents below comprises of Amity University -Basic Electronics Engineering end term paper 2013 (course code #ES201). For preparation and revision purpose.

Write time in spanish

Want to learn spanish? Learn spanish easily with the help of the notes attatched below. The notes are accompnied by practice questions for better understanding and learning.

SQL Tutorial pdf by tutorials point

The attatchment includes whole SQL Tutorial pdf available by tutorials point. The attatchments discusses topics such as DDL - Data Definition Language, DML - Data Manipulation Language, DCL - Data Control Language, DQL - Data Query Language, SQL RDBMS Concepts, etc. #tutorialspoint

End Term Paper #ASET #MATHS #3CSE 2015

Available end term paper from Amity University of the topic ASET Numerical Methods And Optimization, 3CSE. Can be utilized by studets for future preparation and revision purpose.