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Cyclomatic Complexity

Notes of Cyclomatic complexity.. basis path testing. video links-

WHAT IS DBMS (Database Management System)

Basic introduction to DBMS available in the documents attatched below. Information provided in question answer format. Topics of discussion are String Operations, Ordering the Display of Tuples, Where Clause Predicates, Duplicates, Set Operations, Null Values,etc. For video Click on these link -


Sharing the notes of 'introduction to web Development'.  Find Videos for this, click on this link -


Notes available for students of computer science, studying software engineering. The content includes topics such as What is CMMI, what are the maturity levels,CMMI Question and Answer, components all explained in the ppt. go to the videos-


Sharing the notes of Web Service. In this knowledge you can find the interview question and answers of Web Service. Useful for students of computer science.The attatchment contains topics such as Web Service Interview/VIVA and it's Questions and Answers.


What is firmware,what does it do, expalined in this ppt. for video-

Computer Graphics Numerical

Computer graphics numericals with explanations. video link-

Exception and Event handling

Basic concept of exception handling, user defined exception handling. video-